Paws in Cold Weather

Cream of the Crop
Before you and your pet venture out for your cold-weather constitutional, consider applying topical cream or oil to their paws. Products like Musher’s Secret (found on Amazon and in most pet stores) protects paws from ice and salt with an all-natural cream. You could also wipe their paws with a small amount of Vaseline or cooking spray to protect their paws.

Boot Camp 
To add a little extra protection from the harsh winter elements, you can get booties to put on their paws. Booties come in many different fabrics, sizes, and colours. Protective and kind of adorable, they are the go-to for many dog owners as they keep out ice balls, salt, and chemicals.  

Walk, Wipe, Repeat 
When you guys get in from your walk, consider wiping down their paws and in-between the pads to remove any harmful snow, ice, and salt buildup. Just soak a hand towel or cloth in warm (not hot) water, wring it out so its damp, and use it to gently wipe down their paws. This will melt away snow and ice, and remove any salt buildup. Once you’re finished, dry off their paw with another towel. 

By including these things in your daily routine, you’ll not only save your pet from the pain of dry, itchy skin and cracked paws, but also from salt, ice, and harmful chemicals.